Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga   Hi Refined Rebel, after a night of sleep, your muscles can tighten up. You may experience stiffness in the morning when you wake up. To help you release any tension that may have been caused while you were sleeping, I created this yoga series. I find this sequence a great practice to […]

Vata Yoga

Vata Yoga   Hi Refined Rebel, Autumn and Winter are considered Vata season. Especially the autumn period where the air is cool and dry. The elements cool and dry is characteristic for a Vata dosha.   Whether it’s during Vata season or other seasons, if you notice an increase of coolness within your body and […]

Lower Back Yoga

Lower Back Yoga   Hi Refined Rebel, the lower back, lower belly and hip area are associated with the second chakra. Often this area can feel stiff, painful and it can hold tension or emotions. When you experience these sensations, it can be a sign that your second chakra is out of balance. This chakra […]

The Trinity to Stay Centered

The Trinity to Stay Centered Hi Refined Rebel, do you often feel overwhelmed by your environment? Do you quickly pick up energies from around you? Then I’d recommend you to practice the three activities below. This will help you to ground, cleanse yourself from other people’s energies and keep those energies at bay. You can […]

Cleaning Chakras

Cleaning Chakras   Hi Refined Rebel, in our body we have several energetic points. However, along our spine we have seven main chakra centers. You can find the first chakra center at your perineum and the seventh center at the crown of your head. Each chakra is associated to different themes in life.   Within […]

Cooling Yoga for Pitta Fire

Cooling Yoga   Hi Refined Rebel, are you someone who often ignore the needs of your body in order to be productive? Do you enjoy learning and spend most of your time working and growing? Does your perfectionist tendencies often take over, making you become highly critical of yourself and others? Do you easily get […]

Neck & Shoulders

Neck & Shoulders   Hi Refined Rebel, do you experience tension or stress within your neck & shoulders? Do you notice your chest is tight or do you have rounded shoulders? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this yoga series might be beneficial to you. This practice helps to open up […]


Balance Hi Refined Rebel, in the next yoga series you’re going to open up your hip, lower belly and back area.   This is also where you second or Sacral chakra lies. This chakra is considered to be the seat of emotions and is associated with regulating emotional responses. It is also associated with your […]


Kindness Hi Refined Rebel, open your heart for yourself (and others). Look at your needs, pain or joy with kind eyes.   Allow yourself to soften and love yourself. With the next yoga series you’re going to open up your chest area. This is also where your heart chakra lies. The heart chakra is associated […]


Creativity Hi Refined Rebel, have you ever held your tongue for the sake of peace? Do you recognize those moments where you haven’t truly expressed yourself or your creativity? You may have felt a strain around your throat when those moments occur. This is the place where your fifth chakra lies.   When this chakra […]