Balancing Breath

Balancing Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, this balancing breath is also known as “Anulom Vilom Pranayama” (alternate nostril breathing). This breathing activity can help balance the hemispheres of the brain. Within energy work, our left side of the body is considered the female energy and the right side is considered the male energy.   This […]

Three Part Breath

Three Part Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, the following breathing activity is known to be calming and grounding. When we are stressed or anxious, our breathing tend to be shallow. This breathing exercise helps to deepen the breath. With deep breathing you help oxygenate your blood, and it can nourish your whole body. I recommend […]

Thai Curry

Thai Curry   Serves: 5-6 (depending on how big the portions are)   Hi Refined Rebel, this curry is our go to curry when we’d like to heat our body up after a cold winter’s day. It can open up your nose and throat if you’ve been dealing with congestion. I also love this dish […]

Cloud Meditation

Cloud Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, if you’re looking for a way to relax, this meditation might be the one for you. During the meditation I invite you to leave your worries and anxiety behind as you float through the sky. It makes a great meditation to practice before bed, to calm your mind and […]

The “Ha Ha Ha” Meditation

The “Ha Ha Ha” Meditation Hi Refined Rebel, sometimes you may feel you have little energy or strength. You may even observe a knot around your diaphragm or solar plexus (your third chakra). This can indicate a block in energy flow around the third chakra. If this is the case, the following activity can help […]

Auhm Meditation

Auhm Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, have you ever heard that sound can release certain energy blocks within your body? By using the vibration of sounds and creating them in certain areas of your body, you can shake the piled up energy within that area. One of the ways to do so is chanting “auhm”. […]

Figure Eight

Figure Eight   Hi Refined Rebel, have your hips felt tight lately? Do you notice stuck emotions and a rigid attitude towards life? This activity might help you create more space and flow within your being. It mainly focuses on your sacral chakra, the seat of your emotions, creativity and sexuality. This chakra lies within […]

The Flow of Water

The Flow of Water   Hi Refined Rebel, as you may know, we consist up to 60% of water. When I notice stiffness in some body parts, I want to bring back fluidity. Working with the water element has helped me to do so. This is why I created the following activity. If you’re looking […]

Moving Stuck Energy

Moving Stuck Energy   Hi Refined Rebel, when we go through life, the flow of our energy may get disrupted. This can have many causes, such as tension or stress. When you look at animals, they tend to shake their body after they get frighten to relax. The same principle can apply to us. Shaking […]

Buzzing Breath

Buzzing Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, do you recognise those moments where your throat feels blocked and sore? Not because you have a cold, but there’s just tension present in the neck area. Especially after holding your tongue in conversations or during stressful moments. Sometimes the tension expands to your shoulders and jaw line.   […]