Auhm Meditation

Auhm Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, have you ever heard that sound can release certain energy blocks within your body? By using the vibration of sounds and creating them in certain areas of your body, you can shake the piled up energy within that area. One of the ways to do so is chanting “auhm”. […]

Figure Eight

Figure Eight   Hi Refined Rebel, have your hips felt tight lately? Do you notice stuck emotions and a rigid attitude towards life? This activity might help you create more space and flow within your being. It mainly focuses on your sacral chakra, the seat of your emotions, creativity and sexuality. This chakra lies within […]

The Flow of Water

The Flow of Water   Hi Refined Rebel, as you may know, we consist up to 60% of water. When I notice stiffness in some body parts, I want to bring back fluidity. Working with the water element has helped me to do so. This is why I created the following activity. If you’re looking […]

Buzzing Breath

Buzzing Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, do you recognise those moments where your throat feels blocked and sore? Not because you have a cold, but there’s just tension present in the neck area. Especially after holding your tongue in conversations or during stressful moments. Sometimes the tension expands to your shoulders and jaw line.   […]

“Banh Xeo” Vietnamese Crepes

“Banh Xeo” Vietnamese Crepes   Hi Refined Rebel, what was the food culture at your home? I remember that my mom’s friends came over quite a lot during the weekends. They’d come from all over the Netherlands. They were friends she either met during her stay in a refugee camp in Thailand, or friends she […]

Neck & Shoulders

Neck & Shoulders   Hi Refined Rebel, do you experience tension or stress within your neck & shoulders? Do you notice your chest is tight or do you have rounded shoulders? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this yoga series might be beneficial to you. This practice helps to open up […]

Creativity Ritual

Creativity Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, I feel most empowered when I allow my creativity to flow wild and free. This means showing my true self or speaking my truth. However, there are days when I’m less in touch with my creativity. This ritual helps me to reconnect with it. Practice this ritual on days when […]

Rainbow Springrolls

Rainbow Springrolls   Serves: 4   Hi Refined Rebel, this is an all-time favorite here in our family. No matter who I introduce this dish to, adults and kids seem to enjoy it just as much as we do. If you are unfamiliar with this dish, all I can say to you is, get creative, […]


Creativity Hi Refined Rebel, have you ever held your tongue for the sake of peace? Do you recognize those moments where you haven’t truly expressed yourself or your creativity? You may have felt a strain around your throat when those moments occur. This is the place where your fifth chakra lies.   When this chakra […]

Right Where You Are Sitting

Right Where You Are Sitting   Hi Refined Rebel, when was the last time you sat down with a cup of tea without thinking about the next thing or doing something else? By bringing in your senses while drinking tea, you will develop patience. Cultivating patience will help you to step out of the ‘game’ […]