Essentials – Posture

Posture Hi Refined Rebel, in the following videos, I’m going to show you several postures you can use during mindfulness practice.   We will discuss sitting, standing and lying down.   Let’s start with sitting. Before I show you the different ways of sitting, I’d like to emphasize that it’s best to listen to your […]

Essentials – Noting

Noting Hi Refined Rebel, as mentioned in the video kind attention, you will get distracted during your practice. Especially when you have just started practicing.   But how can you recognize the moment that your mind has wandered off and bring it back to the present moment? You can do this, by training yourself in […]

Essentials – Thought Train

Thought Train Hi Refined Rebel, when you want to stay present, you need to train your mind. Before you throw all your current thoughts away, it’s not about that. By simply bringing your  kind attention to your thoughts, without judging or getting lost in them, you’ll notice that the thought may disappear on its own. […]

Essentials – Breathing meditation

Breathing Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, there are several breathing methods to calm, energize or balance your body. During the mindfulness practice, there’s one that I invite you to return to, unless you’re doing a specific breathing meditation. This breathing method teaches you to allow the breath to come and go as it is. You […]

Essentials – Pebble in the Water

Pebble in the Water   Hi Refined Rebel, sometimes, during mindfulness, an itch or emotion may come knocking on your door. When you don’t answer, the knocking might become banging and the banging might turn into the ringing of the doorbell. In this exercise, I’ll walk you through how to handle the knocking.   Practice […]

Essentials – Visualization

Visualization Hi Refined Rebel, you may be familiar with the power of visualization. In this activity, I’ll walk you through a gentle way of how to do it. Practice next: Go To:

Essentials – Kind Attention

Kind Attention   Hi Refined Rebel, while practicing mindfulness, your thoughts may wander off before you even know it. This is normal, especially in the beginning. In the next exercise you’ll learn how to cultivate kind attention. Once you understand the concept and have practiced it during your meditation, try to apply your kind attention […]