Summer Veggie Bowl

Summer Veggie Bowl   Serves: 4   Hi Refined Rebel, when the temperature is rising, whether within or around you during summer, eating light and cooling food can help to keep yourself cool. This is why I created this Summer Veggie Bowl, to help bring these elements to your system. If you notice your body […]

Golden Milk

Golden Milk   Serves: 1   Hi Refined Rebel, this Golden Milk is my go to drink during those rainy days. It helps with reducing excess Kapha (“mud” caused by it’s element water and earth) that tends to accumulate during the cold and wet time. The active component in turmeric is curcumin. It is used […]

Evening Ritual

Evening Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, evening rituals are great moments to be kind towards yourself. You can take this moment to leave the day behind you and relax yourself before bed. Meditation: You may have transitioned yourself from dinner table to your resting area. After resting a bit, I often check-in with my body and […]