Balancing Breath

Balancing Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, this balancing breath is also known as “Anulom Vilom Pranayama” (alternate nostril breathing). This breathing activity can help balance the hemispheres of the brain. Within energy work, our left side of the body is considered the female energy and the right side is considered the male energy.   This […]

Three Part Breath

Three Part Breath   Hi Refined Rebel, the following breathing activity is known to be calming and grounding. When we are stressed or anxious, our breathing tend to be shallow. This breathing exercise helps to deepen the breath. With deep breathing you help oxygenate your blood, and it can nourish your whole body. I recommend […]

Safe Place

Safe Place   Hi Refined Rebel, there can be moments where you feel the need to wander or sit in a place of your own, that no one knows about. A place where you feel safe and where you can just sit and be (present). The following meditation guides you to a place within you, […]

Sound Map

Sound Map   Hi Refined Rebel, if you notice you’re caught up in your mind, the following exercise can help you shift your attention to the present moment.   Within this meditation I invite you to sit on a chair. If you’d rather lie down, that’s also possible. Please ignore the instruction for sitting and […]

Befriending Your Mind

Befriending Your Mind   Hi Refined Rebel, there may be moments when your head is filled with endless unhelpful thoughts. You may be captured by its constant chatter. You may even get upset with yourself for thinking so much. This meditation guides you to befriending your mind. It also helps you to encourage your mind […]

Auhm Meditation

Auhm Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, have you ever heard that sound can release certain energy blocks within your body? By using the vibration of sounds and creating them in certain areas of your body, you can shake the piled up energy within that area. One of the ways to do so is chanting “auhm”. […]

Black Sesame Latte

Black Sesame Latte   Serves: 2   Hi Refined Rebel, this latte is such a treat and it also helps you to ground. According to Ayurveda sesame and brown rice can help with decreasing Vata. Vata contains the element air and ether. It is light, dry and mobile. When there’s an increase of this dosha, […]

Chocolate Beet Crepes

Chocolate Beet Crepes   Serves: 2 – 4   Hi Refined Rebel, during Autumn & Winter (Vata season according to Ayurveda), I tend to incorporate more beets in my diet. Root vegetables are known to pacify your Vata dosha, meaning it helps ground you. Beets are rich in Vitamin A, B, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. […]

Caramelised Brussel Sprouts with Crispy Garlic

Caramelised Brussel Sprouts with Crispy Garlic   Serves: 2-4   Hi Guru, brussels sprouts are known to be low in calories but high in many nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C. However, according to Ayurveda, brussel sprouts can help balance Vata dosha. Vata rules over movement. If you notice an increase in […]

Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl

Beet and Berry Smoothie Bowl   Serves: 1   Hi Refined Rebel, this smoothie bowl is great when you crave something sweet and sour. It is packed with vitamins. Red beet is a root vegetable and is known within the Ayurveda to help you ground. I hope this smoothie bowl will bring you grounding and […]