Goddess Meditation

Goddess Meditation Hi Refined Rebel, do you know what your inner Goddess is like? What are her boundaries, wishes and passions for example? How often do you allow her to be present? In what ways do you take care of her? What happens when you don’t allow her to speak up?   I have learned […]

Right Where You Are Sitting

Right Where You Are Sitting   Hi Refined Rebel, when was the last time you sat down with a cup of tea without thinking about the next thing or doing something else? By bringing in your senses while drinking tea, you will develop patience. Cultivating patience will help you to step out of the ‘game’ […]

Water Bottle

Water Bottle   Hi Refined Rebel, when we dance, it doesn’t only enhance our mood, it also helps move stagnated energy within our body. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to reap the benefits of dance. When you tune in with your creativity and intuition, you may notice a shift in your state […]

The Acrobat

The Acrobat Hi Refined Rebel, when observing the body we train to accept the body as it is. Instead of fighting or judging (for example) pain, we bring our attention to it. We observe where the pain is located, how big or small the area is, or whether it’s a burning or throbbing pain. By […]

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation   Hi Refined Rebel, being present is another way of saying “being aware”. With the following exercise you learn to become aware of your body through walking. Practice this after a long day of work or during your break, or at any moment where you feel like winding down. It’ll help you to […]

Essentials – Thought Train

Thought Train Hi Refined Rebel, when you want to stay present, you need to train your mind. Before you throw all your current thoughts away, it’s not about that. By simply bringing your  kind attention to your thoughts, without judging or getting lost in them, you’ll notice that the thought may disappear on its own. […]