Kindness Ritual

Kindness Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, there are days where there is less kindness towards ourselves. This can occur due to events during your day or self-criticizing thoughts that pop-up in your mind. These events or thoughts can hold you prisoner. You’re stuck in a negative spiral of unpleasantness. This ritual brings kindness back. Take some […]

Creativity Ritual

Creativity Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, I feel most empowered when I allow my creativity to flow wild and free. This means showing my true self or speaking my truth. However, there are days when I’m less in touch with my creativity. This ritual helps me to reconnect with it. Practice this ritual on days when […]

Balance Ritual

Balance Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, Our bodies are meant to move. You may have noticed the effects of non-movement on your body and state of mind. A few things you do while moving are, retrieve stored energy and use it, and clear out accumulated waste products. In this balance ritual, you move your body in […]

Grounding Ritual

Grounding Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, grounding yourself is essential to be balanced and compassionate. But how do you recognize when you are not grounded? The following signs are a few examples of what can happen: It’s loud and busy in your mind. It’s hard to focus. It’s hard to follow a conversation. You are forgetful […]

Evening Ritual

Evening Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, evening rituals are great moments to be kind towards yourself. You can take this moment to leave the day behind you and relax yourself before bed. Meditation: You may have transitioned yourself from dinner table to your resting area. After resting a bit, I often check-in with my body and […]

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual Hi Refined Rebel, morning rituals are sacred for me. I take time to wake up and start my day. In the past I tended to rush myself from breakfast, to cleaning, to dressing, to running out of the door to catch the bus. Once I was at the office I sat down, turned […]